About Us

Hello, I’m Barbara Gorin, the founder and creator of Craftastic Cabin. For many of my professional years, I was a social worker, therapist, and a teacher. I am also a mom of two girls, Caitlyn (in college) and Amber. Back in 2010, Amber was 5 years old when she joined Jesus. Naturally, our world was turned upside down. Scrapbooking, sewing, cardmaking, painting, puzzles, etc. has been my therapeutic outlet for over 20 years. Now I have taken my love of teaching, helping others, and my passion for scrapbooking and created Craftastic Cabin.

As a child, my mom kept a few photos but most faded or disintegrated. And the photos I do have don't really speak for themselves. I wish I knew the history or event that was taking place when the photos were taken. I have made an intentional effort to scrapbook as many memories for my daughter so as she progresses through life, she will have an accounting of her background and be able to cherish many things that are commonly forgotten. She will also be able to pass down these memories to her family.

Many scrapbooks become family heirlooms and priceless processions. I fully believe memories should be archived and carried on from generation to generation. In addition to our memories are the priceless momentos such as handwriting, hair locks, tickets, coins, etc. that can't be replaced. Every story has a photo and every photo represents an experience and memory. Scrapbooking captures all these elements and creates a lifetime keepsake that is priceless.