Glitz Gels

Make your craft projects sparkle with the use of Craftastic Cabin’s glitter gels. If you want to add a brilliant layer of glitter to any of your projects without flaking or falling off, then our Glitz Gels are the perfect choice for you! It comes in any color, and can be a great addition to the crafting projects. Let your creativity flow with the use of our glittery stuff and capture your ingenious ideas on paper with shine. These are easily spreadable and are great to use with stencils or directly to the surface that can add shimmer to your projects.


Use of our different colored Glitz Gels, add eye-catching glitter impact to all your writing and drawing projects. Decorate your cards, layouts, mixed media, home decor and more with the use of Craftastic Cabin’s glitter shades. Explore the website today for shiny and adding sparkle embellishments to various craft works and art projects. Also, a perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones!