What Paper Should I Use For My Next Layout?

What Paper Should I Use For My Next Layout?

When you are creating a scrapbook layout, it's important to purchase the right materials. You need to take into account what size and thickness of paper you want for your book. Do you want a photo-safe paper or a non-photo safe? Should you use cardstock or linen? The type of photographs that will be used in the album should also be considered when making this decision.

Let's walk through a few of these decisions together.

When choosing the size of paper, you'll want to think about how many photos you want to include on the layout and the space that is available. If you have a lot of photos to use, you'll want a larger piece of paper. If there isn't much space on the page, then you might want to stick with a smaller piece.

The thickness of the paper can also be important. If you are wanting to create a pocket-style layout, then you will need thicker paper so that it can hold the weight of the photo and embellishments. Thin paper may not be able to support this type of layout.

If you're going to include photos in your layout, then it's important that the paper is a photo-safe material. Photo-safe papers are designed not to fade or discolor over time. If water or other liquids come into contact with the page, there will be minimal damage done to the photo. If you are using cardstock instead of standard paper, this should not be an issue.

The weight of the paper can also determine what kind of product to use on top of the page. Thicker materials need extra support so they do not bend or curl. Most types of glue work best on cardstock and bookbinding adhesives should only be used when working with paper that has a medium thickness rating. It's also important to keep in mind that different types of embellishments require different levels of support.

When deciding on a paper, keep these things in mind and you will have no problem picking out the right supplies for your new layout. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! I'm always excited to help friends like you pick out the best materials from CraftasticCabin.com.

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