The Do's and Don't's of Scrapbooking

The Do's and Don't's of Scrapbooking

The Do's and Don't's of Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a fantastic way to capture your memories from everything including; birthdays, dates, movies, concerts, vacations, friendships, and anything that brings you the emotions and happiness of a time in life you want to treasure. While you encapsulate your remembrances and souvenirs, there are some details that you may find helpful. Take a look at the Do's and Do NOTS below to ensure the pleasure your scrapbooking brings. 


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*Do Choose and Edit

Think of every layout as a complete story you want to express. Choose your photos, paper, and embellishments around your theme. While selecting photos, try to choose a small bunch that shares your sentiments and gives a visual narrative.

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*Do Select Materials Carefully

You can assume that scrapbooking paper is acid-free, but always check the package to make sure you know what you're getting. More acidic papers and certain other embellishments may ruin your scrapbook album over time. Also, you might consider using copies, by scanning or color-copying your photos, newspaper clippings, or other items that you don't want to risk losing. If you use glitter or other articles with sharpness, try an alternative such as, glitter glue where sharp edges won't harm your cherished memories.

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*Do Use Storytelling Words

Remember you are trying to revisit a memory or share your favorite moments. When you add your own words to enhance the story, you add to the personal touch your scrapbook creates. Plus, a few specific words may trigger some fun details that make your reminiscence even more warm and uplifting.


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*Don't Use All Your Photos

The love of documenting trips or events with photographs is a very common and encouraged hobby, and taking a vast amount is inspiring. When it comes to your scrapbook, keep the number limited so your project is not congested and your theme lost. In other words, feel free to take a thousand pictures but do not use them all in your scrapbook.


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*Don't Use Rubber Cement

Rubber cement has a high amount of acid and will destroy your work. When using adhesives, it is vitally important to find non-acidic types that are also easy to use. One popular item is a clear, adhering dot that allows you to secure embellishments on your page. Acid-free glue sticks and various sizes of square, foam adhesives are other good choices.

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*Don't Be Critical of Your Creations

When it comes to designing there is no limit and there is no wrong way to create your layouts and pages. If your masterpiece is not to your liking, don't worry. You can either start over or save the page for another event. While there may be a few things to be cautious of, there are no rules for creativity.


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The most important part of any scrap project is to enjoy yourself and have fun!

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