So, What Are Embellishments Anyway?

So, What Are Embellishments Anyway?

The definition of embellish is to improve by adding details. In scrapbooking there are many ways to embellish your pages. Multiple companies make embellishments from understated and classic to loud and glitzy and everywhere in between. 

Stickers make great scrapbooking embellishments. Alphabet stickers are useful for adding words or phrases to a scrapbook page. They come in every shape and size and can be found in many styles to adorn your pages. Classic colors, fluorescent, multiple fonts, glittered or texturized. There are stickers available from basic themes like flowers, animals, sports, or foods, to more exciting themes like world travel, U.S. cities, and life happenings such as graduations, weddings and baby showers. Adding stickers to a scrapbook can magically transform it from bland too beautiful.

Other forms of embellishments can be 3 dimensional. Adding texture to your pages can really bring your scrapbook alive.  Using things like little flowers, small keys, or tiny hearts really bring life to a page. You can use bows, gems, or buttons to add that extra pop to a page.  Let your imagination and creativity run wild.

Another fun way to embellish a scrapbook page is by using Washi tape.  Use it to outline your pictures as a border or just on the corners to give your pictures and page an old fashioned feel. It comes in a variety of different thicknesses, designs, and textures. Washi tape tears easily and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. 

Anything that adds decorative details to your scrapbook is an embellishment. From simple to showy, embellishments are key in adding the finishing touches to a scrapbook that you will love and cherish for years and years to come.

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