Perfectly Adhering Scrapbook Titles

Perfectly Adhering Scrapbook Titles

Have you ever glued down letters or a title on your scrapbook layout and realized after everything was adhered, somehow the spacing was off? You measured and maybe even laid out all the pieces ahead of time and then after permanently gluing down all your letters, somehow for some unforeseen reason...everything was out of place. How could this happen?? You were so careful! And after all the hours you put into designing your beautiful scrapbook layout you were not going to their risk removing the letters for fear that they could either tear your paper or leave behind adhesive that you couldn't remove. 

Here is a way to perfectly adhere your Scrapbook Titles on your scrapbook layouts. This technique can used for any small series of scrapbook diecuts or scrapbook embellishments that require spacing.

1. Cut out your letters for your Scrapbook Title

The first thing you want to do is cut out your scrapbook title letters using your desired method. It doesn't matter if you choose to use a scrapbook die cut machine or just good ole' fashion tracing and cutting with scissors. Tip: Apply an adhesive sheet to the paper BEFORE cutting your letters. This will turn each piece into a sticker for easier application to your scrapbook layout or on your shadow mats, if you choose apply those.

2. Mat your letters (this is optional)

If you prefer to mat your diecut letters, this is the time you're going to want to do it. A mat is a shadow outline of the each letter. Tip: Apply an adhesive sheet to the paper BEFORE cutting your mats. This will turn each piece into a sticker for easier application to your scrapbook layout.

3. Line up all your letters

Now it's time to line up all your scrapbooking diecut letters just like you want them on your scrapbook layout, BUT DON'T ADHERE THEM ON LAYOUT YET. Once you have them just the way you want em', use a piece of washi tape and place the tape on TOP of all the letters. You will then be able to move all the letters as a word all at once. If your spacing is off, the letters are crooked, or you need to adjust them, you can now do it BEFORE APPLYING to your scrapbooking layout. If you don't have washi tape, you could try a piece of painters tape...though I haven't tested this method. If you do use painters tape, comment at the end of this blog and let us know if it worked.

4. Place your Scrapbooking Title on your layout

Now for the grand finale! If you used an adhesive sheet, you can now take the backing off of the letters while still attached to the washi tape. If you didn't use an adhesive sheet, you could use a glue pen to apply adhesive to each letter. Once you have your adhesive exposed, hold your washi tape by the ends and determine where your placement on your scrapbooking layout. Once you have determined your placement, go ahead and adhere the title on your layout. And wallah - you have a perfectly placed and adhered scrapbook title!!

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