5 Ways To Organize your Scrapbook Supplies

5 Ways To Organize your Scrapbook Supplies

Keeping those scrapbook supplies organized can be extremely overwhelming and what works for one person may not work for the other. Do not fret! You do NOT have to master every organizing system on Pinterest. I am here now to free you of the organizing pressures of having all your craft supplies in neat and trendy boxes. Your craft room does NOT have to look magazine photo worthy ya'll. NO! Stop pressuring yourself to be perfectly perfect. Your task is to find the method that makes sense for you and your craft space. Period. Once you find YOUR SYSTEM, then the only task remaining is keeping up with your organization system.

I'm going to share 5 organizing methods that I use to keep my scrapbooking supplies under control. I had a few goals in mind when setting out on my organizing mission...first, I wanted to find my scrapbook supplies QUICKLY. I wanted my scrapbook supplies in VIEW so when I need my adhesive paper or alphabet stamps, I could find them easily. I also wanted everything at my FINGERTIPS. Gone are the days of going on a scavenger hunt and moving many boxes around, opening this drawer, and that cabinet and digging through things just to cry out "where did I put that ribbon?!" You all know what I'm talking about.

Our time is precious. When creativity strikes, we want to "play" with our scrapbooking goodies. We want to accomplish a full scrapbook layout. Not have our scrapbooking layouts become a chore. If our supplies are difficult to find, motivation won't be there. So here are my 5 methods of keeping my scrapbooking supplies organized.

1. MAKE DIGITAL FILES with pictures

We live in a digital age. Just about everyone I know e-files everything. I make every attempt to avoid paper anything. All my bills are electronic. Pictures are electronic, does anyone still use film? Payments are electronic. And now my scrapbook supplies are organized...you guessed it...electronically. What I mean is I have photos of all my stamps, paper punches, and dies. I have created electronic folders using a Cloud program and saved those photos to their appropriate categories. Cue photo below...

Scrapbooking file

Now when I am planning my scrapbook layouts, I can pull out my phone and see what supplies I have. I no longer have to dig through boxes wondering what birthday embellishments I have or search through my Christmas stamps, I have everything right at my fingertips on my phone or computer. And a bonus to these electronic folders, I save all my scrapbook inspirations and ideas in the folders too. So when I'm surfing Pinterest or googling title ideas for my Disney dinner layout, I can screen shot and save it all under one "electronic roof". Cue photo...

scrapbook supplies

I LOVE THIS SHIRT! Using it someday for my next scrapbook page title. And it is saved in my electronic system as a reminder.

2. Ziploc your stamps and matching dies with a magnet sheet

Ziploc isn't paying me to say any of this...but they should since I use a kagillion of their bags. When you get a stamp set that has matching dies, it can be difficult to keep them together. I put all my stamp sets in their own ziploc bag, label the bag with the stamp set name and where it belongs so I can easily put it away and find it. For example: my Lawn Fawn Reveal Wheel Sentiment set is kept in my "Birthday" themed supply container and the bag is labeled as such. All the coordinating dies are in the bag so I don't have to search for them. It's a one grab operation! You can also put magnetic sheets in the bags to hold the dies if desired.

3. Store all your scrapbook supplies and embellishments in plastic see through containers

So I have my digital files, I have all my scrapbook supplies packaged together, now I need to keep them somewhere. Someplace I can actually find my supplies again. I use closeable containers and label the outside of the box with the contents. So when I'm looking for my red embossing powder, I can look at the labels on all 3 of my embossing powder boxes and quickly take out the box I need. The few minutes it takes to make labels saves tons of time later by avoiding taking out each box, opening it up and trying to figure out which one has the red one. Easy Peasy!! Another bonus...when it's time to put the red embossing powder away, I can easily see which container it belongs. And now...cue photo...

Scrapbooking storage containers

4. Sort your paper by themes that work for you.

I sort my cardstock solids by colors, not manufactures. I sort my scrapbook pattern papers by their themes (birthday, wedding, vacation, Christmas, etc). I keep them upright in a cabinet. This keeps them dust free and in the dark. Light can fade your papers over time. So bonus tip: if you are not going to use your scrapbook paper for a little while, store it in the dark. They will maintain the colors better. Annnnnnd...cue photo...

5. We discussed Ziplocs, containers, cabinets, and now for one more organization method...PEGBOARD

I want to keep everything off my scrapbook table as much as possible. I need as much work space as I can get. So, for the items that rotate like buttons, stickers, adhesive refills, etc. I put those on peg board. Hang those things up!! Many people use containers, mason jars and such. That is awesome if those objects work for you. For me, I want everything around me, off my table, and I put the permanent things in containers and the temporary things on the wall.

I hope these organization methods give you some ideas, inspiration, and/or motivation to find a system that works for you. We love our scrapbook supplies as much as our scrapbook items. We all have different workspaces, craft rooms, tables, and tools. What are some organization methods you use? Comment below. 

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