5 Ways to Journal and Remember Vacation Details

5 Ways to Journal and Remember Vacation Details

We've worked hard planning, saving, packing and even traveling for our vacation. We arrive to our destination, make memories, stay in budget (insert cough), and then when you decide to plan your scrapbook layout, a memory block of where you ate, what you ate, where did we go on this day or that day, what did the kids wear, what was the name of that awesome museum, what was the weather like??? all start to overwhelm us. And then the mental fatigue creeps in BEFORE WE EVEN GET STARTED! Move over discouragement...here are 5 ways to help document your vacation details on the go!

1. The obvious...PICTURES

Ok, you may be thinking, seriously??? I know that!! I know you know that...but I'm talking about pictures that you WON'T SCRAPBOOK...like street signs, highway exit signs, screen shot time and date on cell phone, pictures of food, entrance signs, etc. Instead of writing things down...I mean who does that anymore in this digital age...take a photo!! One Christmas, we took a road trip to Tennessee! Shout out to those Smokey Mountains!!! Yah baby...they are breathtaking. Anyway, I took a photo of our car's radio screen. It had the time, date, temperature, song that was playing all in one shot. We stopped off for the evening...I took a picture of the hotel sign while in vehicle with the date and time showing on radio screen, then a pic of room number of hotel and lastly a picture of restaurant we ate at. Done. No writing, no need to memorize...and all documented. Now, when I sit down to do my layout, the pictures will help me with these details.


 I know, we really don't want to look at all the money we spent. However, if you use a financial software, you can always go back and look at the transaction dates. There you will find what you did, where ya ate, and where you shopped! If you still have the receipts, you can then have record of time, addresses, and actual items purchased. So when you plan your layout and want to scrapbook a picture the waiter took at that awesome restaurant and need to know the name (and maybe what you ate), viola...the receipt saves the day!! And one more thing, maybe you caught a movie at a local theatre while you were on vacation...keep your ticket sub for information and an embellishment!!

 3.  Digital notepad

Again, we live in a digital "cloud" based society. You can voice dictate the highlights of your day right into your phone. THEN when you transfer the photos off your phone, copy and paste your digital file into a Word or Pages document. Title the document based your trip and save in the same folder as photos. Now everything is tucked away until you are ready to make that awesome scrapbook page!

4.  Brochures & emails

Technology is our friend most days. Save all your hotel and excursion reservations in an email subfolder as a reference. You can also grab brochures, take out menus, business cards, etc and put in a ziplock bag labeled with date, year, and location. Put in a keepsake box until you are ready to use it.

 5. Notebook

Does anybody still use these? LOL

Ok, so not everyone is so enthusiastic about technology. They prefer old school pen and paper. That's awesome! As long as you have the time each day on vacation and don't forget to take home the notebook or lose it until you need it...this is definitely an option. I used to always keep a journal on vacation. It was really nice to reflect on the moments and write them in real time. Sometimes I used the journal page on the scrapbook layout. It's all there written in my own handwriting. And nothing is more sacred in a scrapbook album than handwriting! That can never be replaced!

I hope these tips help you during this awesome beginning of summer! What are some of your tips for archiving your travels? Comment below. I love hearing from you!

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