5 Ways To Find Craft Time

5 Ways To Find Craft Time

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1. Keep your project simple

We all get caught up with embellishments and design. Sometimes when I am creating a scrapbook layout, I will get more excited about the Jolee's Boutique embellishments or my Tim Holtz distress inks than the photos. It's fun to create and our creative spirit wants to make all kinds of embellishments. However, when we are time restricted, we need to prioritize "less is more". More photo, less embellishments yet still feeling gratified. 

2. USE your embellishments

One of the best parts of scrapbooking and cardmaking is shopping!!! Ummm...who isn't guilty of buying more than we actually create??? GUILTY!! As stated above, I'm in love with Jolee's Boutique, anything Tim Holtz, all Sizzix products and a side of every color cardstock you can find!!!! So there's buying and then there's actually USING the products! How many of you hold on to certain yummy embellishments because you just aren't ready to part with your stash?? YEP!! You ain't alone! However, as much as we love our stickers, epoxy goodies, Jesse James Buttons, and that patterned paper from 5 years ago...USE IT!! It will save you so much time and additional pocket change. Restrain yourself from making all the add-ons once in a while and buy things already created to make better use of your time. We all order chinese food once in awhile...so consider it "take out" for your project!

3. Find a dedicated space

We all have the dream of having our own 3000 square foot craft room with multiple drawers, shelves, unlimited storage, and large craft table with all our items in arm's reach. But until then...find a spot that you can claim. Even if it's a TV table with a basket of supplies in the living room. You need to claim a spot. If you're always having to setup and put things away, inspiration and desire will go out the window! If the space can't be permanent, then create a temporary spot with your project planned out and then CONQUER IT!!

4. Pick one Hobby at time

Many of us are not married to one hobby. We are creators...we love to DIY and we love the gratification it gives us. So it's common that we seek things that give us the same enjoyment. If you enjoy reading, scrapbooking, sewing, cooking, quilting, cross stitching...awesome!! You are full of fun and adventure. However, we need to choose one and set our expectations on that hobby then move to the next one when we need to change things up a bit. If you're trying to make holiday cards and a quilt at the same time...you'll be facing endless amount of defeat. Pick ONE and STAY FOCUSED! Imagine how much you will accomplish when dedicating your time to each hobby one at a time.

5. This is the MOST IMPORTANT way...SCHEDULE your time and stick to it!!!

Ya'll...we are all burning the candle at both ends. We all have hectic schedules. If you're working X amount of hours and/or running to soccer practice, PTO meetings, homework after dinner, heck...trying to even cook dinner, then find time for bathing and laundry...raise your hand!!! Uh huh...that's most of us. But when you need to make a doctor's appointment or attend an event...you find the time right?? Schedule your craft time and DON'T FEEL GULITY! We don't have time to Martyr. No no...you make time whatever it is, once a week, once a month, one hour in the evenings...and don't sacrifice it. No matter what...that's your time. You are in control of you. You need to take care of you. Say "I am worth the time"...I'll wait.........Ok, now go get your Happy Planner or digital calendar out and find a time to do what you love. Even if it's on random days in the month...schedule what you can and make it happen!!  

What are some of your time finding or time saving tips? Post your comments below. 


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