5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Scrapbook

5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is the perfect activity for anyone who wants to chronicle their life, but it can also be a highly personal act of self-expression. Planning your scrapbook lays out the "rules" you set for yourself and how you plan to keep them. Planning helps you focus on what matters most to you when making your scrapbook pages. Planning beforehand will help ensure that all your hard work will flow together seamlessly once your project is underway!

Below are five tips that I have found helpful when planning any scrapbook project. Read on for some advice on how to make the most of every page in your next Scrapbook! Planning ahead makes me feel less stressed later on in my projects so I hope these tips help.

Keep an inspiration booklet

Planning is, of course, crucial to any project, but it can be especially helpful in planning a scrapbook. Planning gives you a goal for what you want your book to look like or how you want it to feel. Planning also allows you to organize your photos and stories ahead of time instead of scrambling at the last minute. Planning with your best friend (your Scrapbook!) may sound silly but it really does help me stay focused! I usually write down all my ideas for paper sources, embellishments, and more on scrap pieces of paper so I don't lose them. This way when no one is looking I can sneak some paper into my purse and get shopping.

Planning for each page

When planning your scrapbook, use a notebook or journal to make notes about what you want to capture on each page. This is very helpful in later steps when you are ready to select colors and embellishments for your pages.

Planning specific details about each photo

Once you have an idea of how many photos will be included on each page, consider what captions you would like to write down. Are there dates that need to go with images? Are there themes that run through certain sections? What kind of story do I want to tell here? Planning specific details about each photo can help drive a theme. By asking myself these questions I feel less overwhelmed by all my pictures and ideas from the past year or so. Planning ahead with your scrapbook can set you up for success, leaving more time to enjoy the fun parts of scrapbooking.

Planning the order of the photos

The best way I know how to plan my projects is to use my scrapbook as a guide. Planning your order ahead of time is crucial because it saves you from making difficult decisions later on. 

Planning memories

Planning also means planning for some "off-the-wall" moments, like stories of funny things your kids (or pets) did or sayings that make your family laugh. Planning these things down will give you an opportunity to create beautiful layouts using photos related to those special moments!

Planning the perfect scrapbook

Planning gives me peace. When it comes to scrapbooks I can never get enough planning! You may worry that all this thinking hurts my scrapping mojo but actually, planning just gets it flowing. Planning helps me know where I am going and how to get there. Planning gives me peace.

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