5 Reasons Why To Make A Scrapbook Album

5 Reasons Why To Make A Scrapbook Album

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1. It's One of A Kind

Only you can tell the story. You will not find any other album or display of pictures like your album. This is your heart, your talent, your memories and...YOUR HANDWRITING! No printing press, ie. digital album can substitute these elements. Honestly, I should stop writing right now. End this post...because this reason alone is enough to create a HANDMADE scrapbook album over a digital type of album. However, there are a few more reasons....

2. Original Keepsakes

A scrapbook album is a sure way to archive and secure those keepsakes you have laying around "in a safe place". We all have "safe places" in our house. So safe we can't find it when we need it. Scrapbook albums are also wonderful to display items we just don't want to part with yet don't know what to do with them. Such as concert tickets, brochures at that "special place", hair locks, hospital bands, pieces of fabric from outgrown clothes, other currency from a vacation, etc. These items have such sentimental value and deserve a proper presentation.

3. A Family Heirloom

I don't know about ya'll but I don't have many momentos or photos of my childhood. When you create a scrapbook album, you are creating a family heirloom. You are also able to tell story as it actually happened in the photo...not how other's think it happened or how other's might recall inaccurately. Scrapbook albums are details your family, children and generations yet to come will have and you to thank for it!!

4. It's Therapeutic

It is so wonderful reliving moments over and over and over. Every time I look at our Disney Cruise Album, I can smell the sea salt air, hear the horns blowing as we disembark, salivate over the wonderful food. I captured all those details and when other's look at the album, they can sense it too...and they didn't even cruise with us!! Of course the craft of making the album and shopping for the supplies is therapeutic too!! 

5. It's Fun to Look At

No matter how many times I look through my scrapbook albums, I always enjoy each page as if it's my first time. Reminiscing and enjoying all the embellishments on the page is fun too. I love reflecting on my different techniques of paper tearing, stamping, die cutting, watercoloring, etc. Other individuals are able to have many conversations and leave a dinner party with such enthusiasm and joy after looking through the pages. Again, a digital press or digital image can't substitute any of this.

What are some of your reasons for making a Scrapbook Album? Comment below.

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