5 Reasons To Give Handmade Greeting cards

5 Reasons To Give Handmade Greeting cards

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1. Cardmaking is One of Kind

When you go to a local card store and shop at your local grocery store for a greeting card, these are mass produced. Chances are really high that you might show up at an event with the same card as someone else. I was the recipient of this very example. I received 3 of the same card at my wedding. When you are heading off to a birthday party, bridal shower, christening, wedding, retirement party, anniversary celebration, keep in mind that so is everyone else! 2. Cardmaking gives a lasting impression

When I was teaching full time, I would give my coworkers handmade cards every holiday season along with homemade candy. They knew every Christmas time, there was going to be Chocolate Covered Oreos in their future with a cute card or a cute gift box. We had gift exchange parties and all of us had a lot fun, however this was the long lasting impression and most appreciated gift. Caution: once you make this impression...it is all they want. And that was such a compliment. Trust me, each year, all the teachers were anticipating their treats!!

Also, keep in mind that handcrafted cards are keepsakes. When my daughter passed, we received over 250 cards at the funeral. One of those cards was handmade and I remember that card and still have that card many years later. Nobody else had that card, I cherish it because thought, time, and talent went into that card. It will forever be "one of a kind". 

3. Cardmaking isn't rushed

We all lead busy lives and mass printed greeting cards are convenient. When you buy a card at the grocery store, drug store, or card store, it take time to pick out that favorite sentiment. Many times though, we are able to grab and go. And that is the impression many times felt and received by the individual getting the card. "Here's my obligated greeting with a quick gift card". Some other person came up with the words/greeting. Some other person came up with the design. Cool. But cardmaking isn't a rushed sport and the time, talent, and thought shows.

4. Cardmaking is remembered many times more than the gift!!

True story. I was at a bridal shower. I made a card for the bride to be. Attached the card to the gift. During the gift opening, the BTB was so touched and excited about the card, she passed it around to everyone like it was a winning lottery ticket! The gift was a set of personalized beer mugs. She also held those up with excitement but guess what...they didn't get passed around!! hahaha

5. Cardmaking is AWESOME!

So after all the above reasons, greeting cards are just plain cool! Anyone I know that has received a handmade card really cherishes and makes a "ta-do"...yes "ta-do". Code for big deal. They love them and find them so neat and festive. It is cool to receive someone's heart, talent, and skill crafted on paper just for you. There isn't one person I can think of who wouldn't want a handcrafted card.

So what are reasons you give handmade cards? Are you a card maker? Or are you an individual that likes buying handcrafted cards? We have those available too!! Comment below your reasons or memories receiving or giving a handcrafted card.


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